“The Origins of Common UI Symbols” – Our Favorite Infographic to-date

It is no secret that we love infographics. We've featured tons of great, interesting ones. However, this one below, attributed to the 500 Startups crew,may be our favorite infographic to-date. It is both visually beautiful, and incredibly informative.

Google Glass, In The Class (room)

As a follow up to our article on Google Glass in the Classroom, we thought it would be good to expound on some of the possible educational uses of Glass. Below, in a nifty infographic, 30 different ideas for how to use Glass in a classroom are touched on. While these are some great ideas, they represent a mere tip of the iceberg. As we touched on in our previous article, there are an almost infinite amount of applications for Google Glass in the classroom.

76% of People have no idea what Bitcoin is [Infographic]

During the last weekend in January 2014, the 24-26, TheStreet - a media company that focuses on financial matters - conducted a survey of more than 1000 individuals. The topic of this survey was Bitcoin, or rather what these individuals thought of the currency. The results were pretty astounding. A whopping 76% of those polled had no idea what Bitcoin even was. Only 2% of those polled owned any Bitcoin, and 38% of resoindents though that Bitcoin hurt the value of the dollar.

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Facebook Internship Vs. Google Internship [Infographic]

Who pays more? Which company has better headquarters? What are the wild extravagances at each headquarters? How many people actually intern at each?

The Evolution of PlayStation 1994-2014 [Infographic]

We were forwarded the below infographic on the history of the PlayStation, from @mrchibolin. It is, in a word, awesome. I was firmly in the PlayStation camp up through the PS3 - not so sure where I am headed next, but that is a story for another time - and just seeing this graphic has brought back all kinds of fond memories. Does anyone have a copy of Metal Gear Solid to sell me?

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The Shortcomings of the Modern Smartphone [Infographic]

It seems like mobile computing, smartphones in particular, are evolving at a near exponential rate. However, there are still many things that these phones can not do, or can not do very well; things that have been promised or rumored. Think about it. How often do you switch off your home lights from a mobile device? How often to pay for things with your smartphone? Shoot, how often do you have to charge your device?

The Future of Educational Gaming [Infographic]

As students are spending more time than ever on mobile devices, it only makes sense that educators follow this mobile trend. With unprecedented amounts of time spent on mobile devices, why not try to make it educational. That is the goal of GameSalad Education. This graphic explores the ways games have impacted the classroom and where the future may be headed. The statistics speak volumes about the industry, and give a clear view of the reasons why GameSalad and others are looking to expand educational gaming:

The Economic Impact of Crowdfunding [Infographic]

As crowdfunding continues to grow, in both terms of viability and participation, it is becoming clear that the practice is much more than fad. Further, as the SEC has approved new regulations, very much in favor of crowdfunding, the practice has been legitimized even further. Some crowdfunding statistics are staggering.

A Closer Look at the 2015 Ford Mustang, the Official Vehicle of CES [Infographic]

Before the 2014 International CES, the new 2015 Ford Mustang was named the “Official Car Of The 2014 International CES.” I was a bit skeptical of the new design, but in person the Mustang is a pretty slick car. It's no 65' Fastback, but nothing is.

The Rise and Fall of $FB [Infographic]

We just came across this interesting infographic from Finance Degree Center. The infographic takes a very detailed look at the volatility of Facebook stock, and some of the factors behind said volatility. Think about it, FB stock has been as low as $17.73 a share, and as high as $57.96 a share. Further, at the time of Facebook's IPO, the company was valued in excess - perhaps overvalued - $104 billion.