CES 2014 By The Numbers, In An Infographic

Two weeks ago the 2014 International CES was held in Las Vegas. Over 125,000 people clogged the streets, casinos and the convention center in Las Vegas to see anything and everything in technology. While CES isn't the place that most of the big tech companies launch the biggest products, (iPad, iPhone, Android etc didn't debut [...]

Best Technology Innovations of 2013 (Infographic)

We just came across a really interesting infographic from Entrepreneur.com. The image lays out some of the best consumer electronics that were released in 2013. There are some noticeable omissions from the list, namely smart watches and other wearables. What do you think? Are these the top releases from 2013?

The Top Tech Holiday Gifts Of The Last 50 Years

What did you get for the holidays this year? Was a cool new iPhone 5S under your tree? Was the Xbox One in your Chanukah stash? Did someone get you a Lumia 1020? Sure just be reading Techfaster you can keep up with the hottest holiday gifts of 2013, but what about holidays past? Well [...]

The Current State of Mobile Photography (Infographic)

As smartphone cameras seem to be getting exponentially better, what has become of the camera? There is certainly still a market for high-end DSLR cameras, but the point-and-click digital cameras have almost become extinct

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High Profile Internet Company IPOs: Where Are They Now? (Infographic)

The infographic takes a look at all of the high profile internet companies that had an IPO in the last few years. It shows the IPO stock price, and the current stock price. Some of the results are pretty interesting.

If You’re A Web Publisher This Will Be The Most Important Infographic You’ll See This Year

If you're a web publisher, blogger, own an online magazine or have any other kind of web based presence than you've undoubtedly dealt with Google rankings. If you've been doing this longer than say, the last six months, then you've endured one, if not many, changes in Google's ranking methods. There are some great SEO [...]

The Best Wearable Apps In An Infographic

Last week, Wearable App Review, the first website solely focused on the apps that fuel wearable technology, announced their wearable app annual winners. They compiled the best of the best in all aspects of wearable technology including glasses, watches, fitness bands and other sensors/monitors. If it's wearable and it has an app, they've looked at [...]

How did Cyber Monday Sales compare to Black Friday? (Infographic)

So how did the two largest shopping days of the year compare? Well, We just came across this infographic contrasting Cyber Monday and Black Friday that sheds a little light on the two.

The History Of The Playstation In An Infographic

Sony's Playstation 4 seems to be the hot item this holiday season. Xbox One is hot as well but Playstation 4 seems to be edging out the latest generation of Microsoft's gaming console by a hair. While everyone has been touting the statistics from last month's launch of both systems, and the statistics of Sony [...]

Android users would rather purchase an iPad than Android tablet

The smartphone war has been going on for years and it continues to heat up each time a new device is announced. To most fans of a specific platform if you aren't using that platform then you are a lower class or using a sub par device, but some interesting news has surfaced. According to [...]