STEMlete: An Online Community for STEM Students

   There are a ton of resources out there for STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) teachers and students. However, we just came across one of the most unique approaches to STEM education we have seen. […]

Bee Towers: A New, Unique Tablet Stand

  We are always on the lookout for a good tablet stand. It is tough to find a good one though. There seem to be an exponentially larger number of stands than there are tablets […]

Dig-It Games: Get Kids Learning Without Even Knowing It

     There are a ton of educational games out there. Most are just that, educational games; bland and boring. However, there are a few gaming companies that really stand out. The best of which actually […]

Curriculum Associates: Powerful Assessment Tools for Teachers [AETC Preview]

      As we are gearing up to hit the Alabama Educational Technology Conference (AETC) this week, we have had the opportunity to speak with several exhibitors. Among these exhibitor companies is Curriculum Associates. Curriculum Associates offers educators research-based, classroom-proven […]

Sayers: IT Solutions for EdTech Companies [AETC Preview]

   As we are gearing up to hit the Alabama Educational Technology Conference (AETC) this week, we have had the opportunity to speak with several exhibitors. Among these exhibitor companies is Sayers. Sayers is an IT […]

EdTech: Edcite: A Web Platform for Teachers to Create Assessments and Assignments

  It’s no secret that teachers and educators have access to a gigantic amount of resources; an unprecedented amount even. Among these resources are teaching aids, and curriculum tools. However, the great majority of these curriculum tools come with pre-made […]

EdTech: GroupMooc: Navigate the MOOC Landscape with Ease

     There are countless MOOCs (Massive open online courses) out there. In fact, there are so many that it can be a pain to find one that interests you. However, we recently had a chance […]

Kapu Toys: A Digital Toy Box for Kids

    There are a ton of educational games and apps aimed at young children. However, most of these are just that, educational games. Educational apps are almost inherently work/goal oriented. As such, they not really […]

Interview: Steve Chen The Man Behind GemWhere Smart Watch

Meet Steve Chen the man behind the GemWhere Smart Watch, the best smart watch out there today. We’ve seen a lot of smart watches so far. Most of them are filled with glitzy cool features, […]

Localesh: A Virtual Farmers Market

Update: Daniel Emailed us and told us that: Localesh is actively looking for food advocates to help us sell produce in the SF Bay Area. Earn 20% commission plus discounts and support local farmers. Email: for information.  […]

ZipGrade: Grade From Your Phone

   Grading is still one of the most time-intensive processes for teachers. Sure, there are scantrons, but you have to have access to the grading machine. Come exam season, you have to fight to get […]

Petra’s Planet for Schools: An Into to Social Media for pre-teen Students

       Social media has come to dominate nearly everything. Children are rapidly becoming the most active participants on social media. However, there is no real introduction to the various platforms, no real awareness of […]

Learner Bites: Blackboard Minus the Awful UI

       As ayone who has ever used Blackboard can attest, there is much to be desired in such a platform. It is a pain to navigate, nearly impossible to keep up with, and is […]

Alaskan Company Tackles Project Based Learning With Field Day App

  There are a ton of learning apps out there. Many are good, but more often than not, they just seem to offer the normal learning environment just in a new interactive form. However, we […]

Piiig Labs: No Mess Science Experiments For Kids

   Being the father of a six year old girl who absolutely loves science, can get, well, a little messy. We’ve got science kits among science kits among even more science kits. We’ve ruined just […]

Talentoday: Modern-day Career Guidance

     There are so many people just drifting along in the day-to-day. So many that appear to lack a goal or motivation. Appear is the key word there. It is not so much that these […]

StratX Simulations: Action-Based Learning Tools For Business Students

   You can have all the education in the World, but nothing beats hands-on, nitty gritty experience. It is so easy for students to get caught up in the day-to-day, studying for a test, or […]

Thinkgate: OnePlatform for Educators to Access All the Tools They Need

   There are a ton of resources out there for teachers and educators. A ton. Think about it, there is curriculum managment software; formative assessment software; instructional management tools; reporting management tools; instructional information systems […]

Whitepoint: Create and Share Virtual Tours

         There was a little while there when it looked like augmented reality was going to be the next big thing. However, it turned out that augmented reality had a very narrow range of use. […]

Movenote: Making Presentations more Fluid and Intuitive

           So no one really likes to give presentations. They are nerve-wracking, and lead to a lot of stress, at least in my experience. On top of the general anxiety that comes from giving a presentation, […]

PlanetHS: An Extracurricular Program Management Platform

   It is hardly a secret that schools are a logistical nightmare. Scheduling is a nightmare, programs are constantly cut due to a lack of funding, it is hard to keep track of school activities and important […]

Gaggle: One of the Longest Standing Teaching and Learning Platforms

           There are a ton of educational software platforms out there, but none as mature as Gaggle. Gaggle launched in 1999 as a student email service. Today, Gaggle has expanded well beyond email, and now […]

CrowdNotes: Lightweight, Clean, Intuitive Note Taking

   We have come across a ton of note taking apps recently. For the most part, however, they all seem to fall down in one area or another. They are either too bulky, or don’t allow real-time […]

Vocabla: A Different Approach to Language Learning [Interview]

           There is no shortage of language learning applications and software out there. The great majority of these apps, however, are more focused on intensive learning. It can be quite difficult to learn through […]

LeaderSend: Unlocking the Power of Transactional Emails [Interview]

     Transactional emails are not something that we think a lot about. You know, the emails you get after registering on a website, resetting your password, or when someone likes a post. You get these […]