Memoto Co-Founder Oskar Kalmaru | The Innovators Interviews

Memoto is a wearable, life-logging camera that snaps two pictures every minute. Think of it as a sort-of visual journal. Memoto Co-Founder Oskar Kalmaru told us about their Kickstarter campaign, and what the future holds for the young company.

Jebbit CMO Amelia Green-Vamos | The Innovators Interviews

Jebbit is a way for people to think of a new way to engage with online content, a performance based add network. A Cost Per Correct Answer ad network.

Azendoo | The Innovators Interview

“We’re [Azendoo] trying to build a very elegant platform to help you organize…What we have done in the last few weeks is, we have managed to bring every cloud into one place. Evernot, Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive.”

LocalBlox CEO Sabira Arefin | The Innovators Interviews is a local neighborhood platform that connects neighbors & local businesses. CEO Sabira Arefin told us about some of the challenges of building a hyper-local social platform.

Lettuce CEO Raad Mobrem | The Innovators Interviews

“We are a really intuitive cloud based order management system that enables SMB’s to capture, track and process orders in good time…We really have two products – the cloud based hub, that’s really the order management product. We integrate into your e-commerce store on the front end. On the back end is where we integrate into your accounting system, your inventory, credit card processing, shipping, and CRM…the second product is an iPad app that allows you to capture orders, and show off your products in a real beautiful, elegant way.”

Sprezzat – Makers of the Thread App – CEO James Lawrence | The Innovators Interview

“The Thread Mobile App is caller ID re-imagined. Not only does Thread show you who is calling, but it also displays the caller’s latest Facebook and Twitter posts and your most recent texts and emails with them, giving you greater context for the call.”

BiblioLabs Chief Business Officer Mitchell Davis | The Innovators Interview

“Our goal is to have museums, libraries, publishers, whoever it is grapple with the intellectual and editorial questions. Not wonder about whether the Nexus 7 will be able to view this, or when iOS updates whats going to break. Those are the questions we want them to not have to think about all, because that’s all we are thinking about every day.”

iExit CEO Evan Metrock | The Innovators Interview

“iExit is designed specifically designed for interstate exit travel…With some of these apps that will tell you points of interest around your radius, you can solve the problem that iExit was built to solve, it is just much, much harder. iExit provides you with extra convenience, and was designed to get you this information as quickly as possible.”

SpotHero Community Manager Mandy Yoh | The Innovators Interviews

“We [SpotHero] are a web and mobile base parking Reservation Company. We have the two platforms on the Android and the iPhone where you can reserve parking beforehand at a discounted rate…We are headquartered out of Chicago here but we have been able to expand out, right now we are currently serving parkers in Milwaukee. And also our newest one which is D.C”

FullContact CEO & Co-Founder Bart Lorang | The Innovators Interviews

“In the last 10 years, a lot of new contact forms have sprouted up. Whether it’s my Twitter handle, my Facebook URL, or my LinkedIn URL, or my Foursquare URL, or whatever…So our approach is to grab all those publicly available contact details and append those to your contact records via an API.”

Speek Co-Founder and CTO Danny Boice | The Innovators Interviews

“Everyone’s done conference calls, the antiquated old-school solution where you call a phone number and dial a pin…they are notoriously bad and have been that way for several decades…the premise of Speek is instead of using a phone number and a pin, why cant we just have a simple, personal link we give out to do group phone calls?”

Waygo CEO Ryan Rogowski and Director of Business Operations Robert Sanchez | The Innovators Interviews

“Waygo is an instant visual translation tool, that you can use on your smartphone. Essentially what that means, if you can imagine hovering your smartphone over foreign text and instantly reading it.”

Dwolla COO Charise Flynn | The Innovators Interview

“We were created to cut out the credit card fees, and to build a brand new cash-based network….we have a 25¢ fee for all $10 all the way to $10,000, and transactions under $10 are completely free.”

Truckily Co-Founder Derek Kean | The Innovators Interviews

Truckily is changing the way food trucks and foodies connect. Since our lives are now more dynamic than ever, the way we connect with our food trucks should be too.

Open Garden CEO Micha Benoliel | The Innovators Interviews

Open Garden leverages crowdsourcing to create seamless connectivity across 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It enables users to create their own ad-hoc mesh networks with other Open Garden-enabled devices including smartphones, tablets and PCs

Kiip CEO Brian Wong | The Innovators Interviews

Brian Wong is the co-founder and CEO of Kiip: Business Insider’s Top 25 Under 25 in Silicon Valley and 18 Most Important People in Mobile Advertising

BillGuard CMO Mary Anne Keegan | The Innovators Interview

BillGuard is a personal finance security service powered by the collective knowledge of millions of people. The family of data scientists, mathematicians, security experts protect you from Grey Charges

Fetchnotes CEO Alex Schiff | The Innovators Interviews

Fetchnotes is note taking to the extreme. Super-clean, super user-friendly, and it helps you manage your lists. Alex spoke about the function of the product and an internal email gone wrong.

Duolingo CEO Dr. Luis von Ahn | The Innovators Interview

“In about 34 hours of using Duolingo, you get the equivalent of one semester college….this shows that, actually, people learn much faster online that in person in this case.”

SeatSync Co-Founder John Haugen | The Innovators Interview

“A lot of secondary ticket market action and we looked on StubHub and the fees were extremely high and that’s not something that you’re willing to pay. 10% on a $200 ticket is a lot of money per ticket.”

RebelMouse Founder & CEO Paul Berry | The Innovators Interviews

“We have 235,000 sites signed up with RebelMouse and people are using it for an amazing assortment of things. So used it to power their person-of-the-year announcement which is like their big event. So that was really exciting.”

The Factory Co-Founder Jeremy Vaughan | The Innovators Interviews

“BizSpark is one of those programs that really help startups. It’s proof that Microsoft is moving into the startup game. There are two tiers: One is the free licensing for a whole bunch of products, but the really cool one, which only accelerators and incubators offer, is the BizSpark Plus…”

Apu Gupta Curalate Co-Founder | The Innovators Interview

“On Pinterest….it turns out that something like 85% to 90% of a brand’s engagement actually happens off of their brand page.”

Agile.Ci | The Innovators Interview

We recently sat down with Darren Oddie & Anthony Rimmer, the co-founders of, to discuss the marketing analytics platform. Beyond the AGILE platform itself Darren and Anthony spoke about big-data

DuckDuckGo Founder Gabriel Weinberg | The Innovators Interview

Gabriel gave us some insight into the privacy-first search engine.