Class Charts, Using Big Smart Data For Class Seating Charts

Maybe sitting next to your BFF Jennifer in 6th grade English class wasn’t the smartest idea, but did you know that seating in class can make a huge difference in the way students learn. Sometimes […]

Househappy Takes the Hassle Out of Shopping For Real Estate

   There are a bunch of different ways to search for real estate. You have Craigslist, Zillow, or the more traditional relator route. Navigation the market, however, is a real challenge. The charts and graphs can […]

Securitapp: Use Your Old Phones as a Security System

  We just came across a really interesting company. Securitapp takes a unique approach to home security. They have built an app that allows you to turn just about any old and unused phone into a […]

Mellow: Set it and Forget it Sous-vide Cooking

   There are a ton of cooking and smart-cooking devices out there. Some are pretty inventive, including the Mellow. Mellow is a sous-vide machine that takes orders through your smartphone and keeps food cold until it’s […]

Pubslush: Crowdfunding for Authors [Interview]

     There are tons of crowdfunding platforms out there.The great majority of these platforms are just general, in terms of scope – think of the Kickstarters and Indiegogos. However, there are a few niche focused […]

Flood Beacon: Real-time Flood Data

With all the advancements in the ‘Internet of Things,’ there has been a real lack of focus on things for the public good. Sure, you can shut your blinds, or turn on your oven from […]

Surfly has Transformed Screen Sharing into Web Sharing

   Surfly is an incredibly unique web sharing service that enables remote collaboration by showing others what you see in your web browser. This is similar to screen sharing, but it is a bit different. The […]

Backbeam Takes The Repetitive, Tedious Tasks Out of App Development

  When developing apps, there are tons of repetitive and tedious tasks, many of which add no real value. There are tons of these tasks in app development, thing like setting up a server, a database, a development environment. […]

Social Q&A: A New Take on Audience Q&A Sessions

   Everyone has been to a Q&A session before. Whether at some conference, or in a classroom, or at a meeting. Most of the time, these session are lacking. Whether from the quality, or lack thereof, of […]

Voxtok: Audiophile-grade Hi-Fi System

   It seems there is a buzz about high quality audio these days. We wrote about Neil Young’s PonoPlayer a few days ago. Today, we had a chance to hear about a different approach to Hi-Fi audio. […]

QuickComet: Investing Education Platform [One Spark]

QuickComet is a pretty interesting platform. In a nutshell, QuickComet is an investment education platform/app with tons and tons of walkthroughs and tutorials. As we said in our One Spark preview on QuickComet, there are currently […]

Drawer: A New, Personalized Take on Recommendations [One Spark]

Drawer is a new take on recommendations. It solves many of the problems of Yelp and Tripadvisor. Further, Drawer allows for a more personal style of recommendations, allowing users to follow other users and curate their own favorites. The app is perfect for travel agents and hotel concierges, as it is a quick easy way to share the best restaurants and venues.

StarMobile: Enterprise Mobility Cheaper and Faster [ATDC]

One of the biggest problems facing the enterprise is that of mobility. Most large-scale companies use massive “packaged on-premise applications, cloud-based applications, or custom-built systems” to run their business. These applications, although incredibly useful on a PC or Mac, are difficult to use when mobile. However, StarMobile solves this problem.

The FORGE Retail 3D Printing Store [One Spark Preview]

We had a chance to check out the FORGE booth at last years One Spark, and we are certainly looking forward to checking in with the company this year. FORGE is at the forefront of an emerging retail 3d printing store industry. The company “provides high tech 3D printing customizations in a simplified, mom-friendly environment.”

Lupo: Key-tracker With A Smart Bluetooth Remote Controller

The Lupo is a multi-function Bluetooth 4.0 key tracker device, with the major addition of a programmable button to allow control of other Bluetooth applications (e.g. smartphone cameras and presentations), supported by an SDK to allow software developers to build their own apps on the platform, including gesture-controlled apps.

Woovent: Fixing Facebook Events

There are tons of applications built on top of Facebook, most of which are games or some sort of contact organizer. However, we recently came across a new app that is built to provide a more seamless and intuitive event organizer. Woovent provides a much needed update to Facebook Events.

Ponder: Giving Teachers a View of the “invisible” process of learning through reading.

With Ponder, students tag and markup the reading by selecting from a rich menu of options to question and talk back to the text: e.g. “That’s overstated.” OR “I need this broken down.” OR “What a clever example of inductive reasoning.”

VERSI Docker Stand: Funded

We recently had a chance to speak with Dale Rorabaugh, the creator of the Versi Docker Stand. The Versi Docker Stand is really an interesting approach to a tablet stand/dock, and looks supremely useful. The Versi has successfully […]

Soundest: Email Marketing for eCommerce

“We create an easy to use and free email marketing solution for small and medium e-commerce sites. It works out of the box due to its deep integration within e-commerce platforms. There is no need to code, design or build anything in order to use the service.”

Brainly: Social Learning Networks

Brainly group was created in mid 2012 following the successful performance of the concept in Europe. The group consists of multiple social learning networks, each creating an online community where students help each other by solving subject specific problems and exchange knowledge.

brightup – Light Automation Solutions For Everyone

The brightup system connects your lamps with your smartphone through plugs that work like an adaptor. The system can be used and controlled through the brightup app with any iPhone, Android or Windows smartphone. The smartphone works as a kind of remote control. The desired moods and settings only have to be programmed once and from then on, everything works automatically and the smartphone is no longer needed – the system adapts the lighting to the adjustments previously programmed.

Duvamis: A Purely Anonymous Social Network

Duvamis is an interesting new take on social media. The main belief of the founders is that the greatest amount of sharing – of thoughts, ideas, content, and more – takes place in pure anonymity. In pursuit of this, they created a purely anonymous social network. One of the founders, who wished to remain anonymous (go figure) answered a few of our questions:

Bucquistador: Manage, Track, and Even Fund Your Bucket List

Bucquistador is a social networking and crowdfunding website centered on user bucket lists. users create a listing of their life goals, the system matches their goals to those of their friends, and then allows them to schedule events and even collect group payments or crowdfund particular bucket list items.

Reset My Case: Trading Cards for Your iPhone Case

Reset My Case is a Hoboken, NJ company that makes interchangeable inserts for iPhone cases. These inserts allow for a huge amount of flexibility and creativity in the look and style of your iPhone. These inserts are available for purchase in a one-time package, or via a $5 a month subscription. Katy Gardiner, the founder of Reset My Case, shared some insights into the how and why with us.

Shipping Made Easy With Shippo

Shippo has built an API that makes shipping easy and affordable for small businesses that are not eligible for bulk discounts. The Shippo team answered a few questions for us.