CES 2015 Preview: JVC To Release 20 New Receivers In 2015

dCar Audio has seen a resurgence of life thanks to new technologies like bluetooth, wifi, Car Play, in-car wifi and much more. Long gone are the days when a new head unit meant a new CD player or a more powerful FM Radio, heck even HD Radio has gone out of style, quicker than it [...]

Sony to Release Google Glass Competitor at CES

Sony just announced one of the products it will be showing off at the upcoming 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, and it is pretty surprising. Sony has made a bet on a Google Glass type wearable. But Sony's device has a little twist, it clips on to existing eye-ware. This is Sony's Single-Lens Display Module: The clip [...]

LG To Showoff an 8K Display at CES 2015

In what is the latest entry in what is becoming a sort of TV arms race, LG is set to unveil an 8K television at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show. Over the past few CES conferences, 4K was the hot ticket in TVs. Now, LG is looking to become the resolution leader with an 8K [...]

GoPro To Debut Drones At 2015 International CES

(image: helipal.com) Yes it's that time of the year again, everyone has eaten turkey, and heck everyone's already done Black Friday shopping, time to get back to the grind and talk about CES. The International Consumer Electronics Show will be January 6th-9th this year in beautiful Las Vegas. As you know it's the [...]

Winkli Adds Context to Events

  There are a ton of different event apps and services out there. However, many fall short in a few different areas. One of the biggest of these shortfalls is a lack of context concerning the attendees. Well,we just came across a new app that helps add some of this context: Winkli. The team was [...]

3Doodler Is The World’s Most Popular 3D Printing Device [IFA 2014]

We first got to experience the 3Doodler back in January at CES 2014. At IFA the company behind the world's first 3D Printing Pen had some great news to share with the world. 3Doodler now has over 100,000 users. 3D writing has taken off.  The pen, which retailed globally this year, allows people to 3D [...]

After Raising 11x On Kickstarter Hyper Officially Releases iStick At IFA 2014

Hyper iStick The annual IFA conference in Berlin Germany is like CES but actually five to seven times bigger. Picture airplane hangar sized halls filled with the top electronics that will be grazing store shelves and online shops in this upcoming holiday season. Many tech journalists, analysts and industry folks consider IFA to be the [...]

Samsung Unveils Gear VR at IFA 2014

If we are to believe Mark Zuckerberg, Virtual Reality is going to be the next great technology. Zuckerberg and Facebook made a $1 billion bet on this. If indeed VR is the next great frontier, Samsung has jumped out to an early lead. On Wednesday at IFA, Samsung announced Gear VR. The Gear VR is a [...]

Samsung Unveils 2 Galaxy Note Devices at IFA 2014

With IFA 2014 approaching at the end of this week, companies are preemptively announcing and launching new products. IFA, if you are not familiar, is essentially a European CES: IFA in Berlin, the global trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances, presents the latest products and innovations in the heart of Europe‘s most important regional [...]

Bright Fingers: A Simple Way To Learn To Type

For as long as typing has been around, there has yet to be a perfected method of teaching the skill. There are a bunch of different approaches, but none seem to bee 100% accepted. However, while we were at ISTE, we came across an ingenious approach to teaching the skill.   Essentially, Bright Fingers teaches [...]