TAB IT: Keep Track of All Debts and IOUs

There are a ton of different social apps and websites out there. Most are pretty bland and more-or-less content driven. However, we just came across a socialesque app that is very focused on one particular thing. TAB IT is a, "social IOU tracking and trading app."TAB IT Indiegogo Campaign This is a pretty interesting [...]

Kuff: Wearable Storage with Up to 1TB SSD

There are a ton of different wearables out there. Some good, and some bad. However, aside from several health and fitness trackers, and safety devices, you could make the case that the majority of these devices serve more as an extension of your cellphone than anything else. Why is the cellphone the only device getting [...]

The Watch We Both Want!

I've been looking for a sharp looking, durable and rugged watch for quite some time. I really don't want a "smart watch" I would rather disconnect and go a little analog at times, and the Rider's Watch by hunterharmony is actually perfect. My wife Molly actually first wrote about The Rider's Watch late last week. [...]

Stiletto: A Stylish Personal Safety Device

We don't usually get too involved with new fashions, but a new line of products from Stiletto has peaked our interests. Stiletto has taken to Indiegogo to launch a new line of personal security wearables. Unlike the majority of wearables in the market, the Stiletto is actually designed to look like jewelry. Take a look, here [...]

Pawly: Play With Your Pets Remotely

We travel a lot. It is a major part of the job. We go to a whole bunch of different conferences and expos throughout the whole year. We all have at least one pet, and one of us - who will remain anonymous - has more than 10. You don't really think about it until [...]

Gyzmo: A Wireless Remote For Your Apps

At One Spark earlier this year, we had a chance to check out a bunch of interesting projects. Much like crowdfunding projects as a whole, most were pretty cool, but unpractical. However, there were a few projects that really stood out. One of these was Bcon. Here is what we wrote about the Bcon back [...]

Sophistication, Style and Sport: The Rider’s Watch By hunterharmony

With all the talk about smart watches and Apple watches we started talking to people at tech events, and even the Apple event and many were in agreement, not everyone wants a smart watch. When it's time to unplug, button up and hit a formal event, a Pebble or even Apple Watch looks out of [...]

Signul: A Personal Automation Beacon System

There is a massive movement towards context. Robert Scoble - Rackspace's Startup Liaison Officer - just wrote a book about the concept.  In The Age of Context, Scoble and co-author Shel Israel outline this new age, "In this new era, our devices know when to wake us up early because it snowed last night; they contact [...] box: A Personal 1TB Server

As we are all slowly moving everything to 100% digital, storage space is becoming a major concern. Sure, you have Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and a litany of smaller cloud storage providers, but the free version of these allow you only an adequate, at best, amount of storage. While, generally speaking, these are all safe [...]

MOD Duo Is The Last Music Pedal You’ll Ever Need

We've seen time and time again how crowdfunding is fueling new technology products in the form of apps, wearables, smart devices, and electric vehicles. Recently we've seen how crowdfunding is effecting the music technology world as well. Gianfranco Ceccolini, and his company Musical Operating Devices are doing for music pedals what the smartphone did for [...]