OneFit: The Fitness Tracker That Tracks Almost Everything

Many tech analysts thought that yesterday's Apple Watch announcement would render fitness trackers obsolete. That may be the case for some, but those that are serious about their workout, getting in shape and keeping up with their lifestyle are still going to want to use a fitness tracker rather than run the risk of breaking [...]

Stylish Jacket Lets You Go Hands Free

New jacket blends style with convenience, functionality and your favorite jams. A new company has taken to Kickstarter to launch the next generation of tech jacket, appropriately called the Audio Jacket. The jacket features earbuds, speakers, a microphone and control button that allows you to control your phone. listen to your music, and take your [...]

Protect Your Stash With eNugJug

It almost feels weird writing about cannabis and marijuana out in the open on a huge publicly facing tech blog, but of course times have changed. With more and more states easing up on marijuana regulations an entirely new tech industry has been created. We've seen several new tech related startups and crowdfunding projects designed [...]

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DandyCan Promises A More Beautiful And Durable Headphone

There are basically two kinds of headphones in the world. The cheap kind which fall apart after a year (or less) of use. And the uber expensive kind which come with some rapper's name attached to them to sell more headphones. Truth be told, as someone who loves to listen to good sounding headphones I've [...]

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Guitarists Will Love This Remote Controlled Pedal System

Innovations in wireless music technology have made it possible for guitar players to be just as animated and free to roam onstage as singers with wireless microphones. Using wireless pickups, guitar players can go out into the audience, crowd surf and take whatever position onstage that they would like. Except when they need to change [...]

Locky Is Your Macbook’s Security System

Comparatively speaking a Macbook is an expensive computer. But what can be more expensive is the data that's stored on a Mac. You could be planning the next big startup or working on a client's financials, but what happens when you run out for lunch or to get coffee down the hall? Macbook's have a [...]

Rollybot Is An Amazing New Robot And Camera

One look at this Korean companies Indiegogo campaign video and you may think that Rollybot should be called Rollycam. The round, ball like robot is reminiscent of a Sphero ball with a camera on it, but when you peel back the shell there's so much more. Rollybot is a feature packed smartphone controlled rolling robot [...]

TipToe: Affordable Versatile Robotics Kit

We cover a lot of crowdfunding campaigns here. A lot of these are pretty cool. However, we just came across one of the cooler campaigns we have seen it a while. This is the TipToe Robot, from XYZbot: The TipToe robot is a great, easy to use, introduction to robotics. According to the team, the [...]

FutureHome Is The Future Proof Home Automation Control System

Erik Stokkeland worked as an installation for Siemens and other companies, installing home control systems for nearly a decade. As an installation engineer and technician Stokkeland saw first hand the problems with current home automation and control systems on the market. The biggest drawbacks to current systems is that they're outdated virtually the minute they're [...]

Can You Smell What Your Phone Is Cooking?

After missing their mark with Qblinks an extremely versatile remote control and notification center for your phone, the Qblinks team is back at it with a vengeance and a truly unique product. The iScent is a castle shaped product that's really a Bluetooth atomizer making it possible to smell your ring or notification tones. It [...]