1080Pi: a 10-Inch LCD Touchscreen for Raspberry Pi

It is no secret that the Raspberry Pi has been one of the most influential products of the last couple of years. There are all sorts of applications. The Raspberry Pi can power a huge variety of products, from robots, to audio systems, even cameras. While these are incredibly interesting products, the Raspberry Pi on [...]

DuoScreen: A Second Screen for Your Laptop

Here in the office, I have a two screen setup. I've got a 24 inch monitor and a 20 inch monitor. When I am away from my main desktop, however, my laptop has a screen of just under 15 inches. If you work on a dual-screen setup, working on a laptop can be kind of a [...]

Meet Dogs Second Best Friend, The Droppi

Dogs are the ultimate companions. They provide unconditional love. They're waiting for you when you get home from work and are ready to listen to the details of your day no matter how good, bad or boring they really were. Playing with your dog can be a great mentally refreshing break from reality. Whether it's [...]

Meet Droidles, Social Robots With Their Own Social Network

Sometimes the craziest sounding ideas are actually genius. That's what you get from Droidles a new little colony of robots that can be easily programmed to do a large number of things. Then, they can share those things with other Droidles in robot to robot interactions and across the Droidles own social network. Really, this [...]

Keep Your iPad In The Center Of Your Universe With Fridge Pad II

Having your iPad safely stored in the Kitchen may seem like a great idea for people that often use their iPad for cooking but it actually makes sense in a family where more than one member uses the same iPad. The Kitchen is often the center of your home's universe.  Most people start their day [...]

Gilmo: The Safest Password Management System

I'm petrified of password managers. I'm the one guy in my incredibly tech savvy circle of friends that doesn't have an account with any of the major password management companies. Why? Because what if they get hacked. Forget the Target hack or the Home Depot hack, a giant hacking of one of the major password [...]

The Internet Of Things Comes To Home Brewing

Homebrewing has become one of the most popular hobbies of this decade. More and more households have taken to crafting their own beers for fun and even competitively. Homebrewing can be tricky though and making sure everything comes out just right can often be a headache and can result in well, bad tasting beer. That's [...]

Meet The Swedish Designer Taking On Beats

Most people know that form, function and design are very important to Swedish companies. Mix that in with simplicity and affordable pricing and you have a recipe thats worked for the biggest international furniture chain in the world, Ikea. It's those same principles of form, function, design, simplicity and affordability that are driving Swedish designer [...]

Turn Any Car Into A Smart Car With Onics

At the Detroit Auto Show last year we started noticing an interesting trend. More and more cars are coming off the line without even CD players, but USB connections, Aux jacks and Bluetooth are extremely important. This proves that more and more people are turning to their own smartphone as a way to quasi turn [...]

Movpak Just Owned The Last Mile

One thing we are passionate about here is electric vehicles. We love a good scooter, electric skateboard, electric snowboard or other personal electric vehicle. Not only are electric vehicles fun to ride but they're also very convenient, especially if they're done right. Ivo Machado the CMO and co-founder of a new company called Movpak, nails [...]