Dish Network to Integrate Netflix App on Set-Top Boxes

On Wednesday, Dish Network announced that it has become the first major U.S. television provider to integrate the Netflix app into their set-top boxes. The app is now available on Dish Network's second generation Hopper boxes. Netflix, however, will not be free for Dish subscribers, just easily accessible. Dish Network's Senior Vice President of Product Management, Vivek Khemka, [...]

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Google Facing $18 M Privacy Lawsuit in Europe

According to a Reuters report filed on Monday, Google could be facing an $18 million fine. According to the report, Google "could be fined up 15 million euros ($18.6 million) if it does not stop violating the privacy of Internet users in the Netherlands, the Dutch data protection agency said on Monday."Anthony Deutsch, ed. Pravin [...]

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Production of The Nexus 5 Has Ended

It appears that we have reached the end of an era. A short-lived era, but an era nonetheless. On Thursday, A Google representative told TechRadar that production has stopped on the Nexus 5: A Google spokesperson has confirmed to us that Nexus 5production has stopped, warning that "once they are gone, they're gone, so we'd suggest people [...]

New Research Shows Samsung’s Market Share is Falling Fast

According to a new report from technology research company Gartner, Samsung is still the leader in the smartphone market, but not by as much. According to the report, in Q3 of 2014, Samsung sold a little more than 73 million devices worldwide.Gartner Press Releases, "Gartner Says Sales of Smartphones Grew 20 Percent in Third Quarter [...]

Modigy: Be Sure of The Car Parts You’re Buying

  If you have ever worked on a car or bought aftermarket parts, you know how sketchy that proposition is. First of all, there are only a few "trusted sources" out there. Otherwise, you just have to go off of customer reviews. However, we just came across a new startup that looks to make buying [...]

Georical: A New Take on Social Media

  We just came across a wildly inventive new app: Georical. It is hard to explain, but we were able to ask the founder a few questions about the app. Rather than offer a butchered explanation, take a look at the answers below Georical  What does your company do? Georical aims to let you access [...]

SoundCloud to Raise $150M on $1.2B Valuation

According to the Wall Street Journal, SoundCloud is about to become the newest member of the $1 billion valued startups. According to the article, Soundcloud is in the process of raising a $150 million round, on a valuation north of $1.2 billion.Evelyn Rusli, Hannah Karp, and Douglas MacMillan, The Wall Street Journal, "SoundCloud’s Valuation Could [...]

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GiftAir: A Personal Air Cleaning Device

We have covered a ton of awesome crowdfunding projects over the past couple years. Most are pretty tame. That is to say that most provide an update to an existing product, or provide a more efficient way to do something. However, there is a rare breed of projects that are completely revolutionary in scope and [...]

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PWUL (Pay What U Like): Track the Price of Products Online

  Shopping online is great. There is such a large selection that you can find just about anything you are looking for. However, finding the best deal or sale takes perseverance. Well, we just came across a new startup that will help you monitor the price of products: PWUL (Pay What U Like). We had [...]

President Obama’s New Title: “Coder-in-Chief”

President Obama can add a new title to his resume, "Coder-in-Chief." On Monday, President Obama hosted an Hour of Code event at the White House, an became the first president ever to write a computer program. Wired reporter Klint Finley had a very good write-up on Obama's program and the significance: It was a very simple program—all it does [...]

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