Pioneer Brings Apple CarPlay to Any and All Vehicles

CarPlay is currently only available in new 2014 Ferraris, Hondas, Hyundais, Volvos, and Mercedes. That is, until today. "Pioneer Corporation today announced one of the first aftermarket in-dash car multimedia systems to provide Apple CarPlay®, allowing consumers the ability to upgrade the vehicle they already own to the smarter, safer and more fun way to use iPhone® in the car."

iOS Dominated Shopping This Holiday Season

This report isn't about who sold more phones this holiday season, Apple or the plethora of Android manufacturers. A report from IBM analytics was released on Thursday and it doesn't bode well for Android. This report, was on actual users and the operating systems they used to shop for holiday presents directly on their smartphone, [...]

iPhone 6 rumor roundup

The iPhone devices have been the center of attention for quite some time now, and each year the rumors get wilder and each year even more information that is leaked is actually correct. With the iPhone 5s featuring a few new additions it appears as though there could be even more awesome stuff coming with [...]

Android users would rather purchase an iPad than Android tablet

The smartphone war has been going on for years and it continues to heat up each time a new device is announced. To most fans of a specific platform if you aren't using that platform then you are a lower class or using a sub par device, but some interesting news has surfaced. According to [...]

iPhone 6 to have a 4.9 inch display according to new reports

Many people have longed for a larger screen iPhone device for years, and while Apple did bump the screen size up in the iPhone 5 it just wasn't enough for many people. With Android devices growing so large many people think that the 3.5 and 4 inch displays are just too tiny and want something [...]

12.9 inch iPad now rumored for an early 2014 launch date

According to some sources Apple is readying to release a 12.9 inch variant of their extremely popular iPad devices. This is not the first time that this rumor has come to surface, but now the sources are pegging the release of this device to be in the early part of 2014. In the past Apple [...]

The iPhone 5c May Already Be Doomed

According to a leaked release, "Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry) will stop production of the iPhone 5c at its factory in Zhengzhou, northern China, and shift the capacity to iPhone 5s." This release really echoes a lot of the concerns that the 5c is already a bust. While it is a bit too early to call this race, the early indicators signal that the iPhone 5s is drastically outpacing the 5c.

Fetchnotes Overhauls Sharing in Major Update

With this update, Fetchnotes has gone from a very good app, to an incredible app. The Fetchnotes team paid very careful attention to their users, and they have delivered what the users want, quite beautifully. Fetchnotes, built originally with a focus on individual note taking and individual productivity, has greatly expanded beyond the single user closed ecosystem.

Spin: The Video Chat Re-imagined in Human Fidelity

Spin is a new, and incredibly unique Human Fidelity - née video-chat - iOS application, three years in the making. Spin is more of an evolution away from the traditional video chat, moving beyond Skype and G+ Hangouts

New App Lets You Unlock Your Macbook With Your iPhone

Passwords got you down? Well it doesn't look like we'll be seeing Apple's new TouchID on future iterations of the Macbook or Macbook anytime soon. Where would you even put a finger print scanner? Well if you're either uber lazy or looking for a way to unlock your Macbook that's uber secure than there's a [...]

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