Apple Releasing Android Features Is Nothing New

Apple's CEO, and the most influential Auburn University alum in the world, Tim Cook, took to the stage on Monday morning to kick off the World Wide Developers Conference. The WWDC, now in it's 25th year is an annual gathering of developers working on Apple platforms. Cook was quick to point out that the first [...]

The ODIN: Android Powered Smart Projector

There are a ton of different projectors on the market. Most are fairly bland, with just your general projection functionality. However, we just came across a real game-changer. The ODIN projector, from Dos Owls. The ODIN is much, much more than a projector: According to the creators, the ODIN is, the first "Android 'Smart' projector [...]

Cliq: Android Phone Case With Programmable Buttons

This is the Cliq case, "a touch sensitive smartphone case that puts the things you need most at the tip of your fingers."Cliq, "Cliq Press Release" The case comes equipped with three buttons, that can perform a total of six different actions/shortcuts. The case is completely wireless and requires no charge. The actions/shortcuts are programmed [...]

Italian Government Starts Investigation Over The Freemium Model

The freemium model for mobile apps and games is the most popular model by far. Sure developers can make money off of paid for downloads but it seems those companies with a freemium model make far more. The biggest example of this so far has to be King, the company behind the megahit Candy Crush. [...]

Google Now Offering Street View To Android App Developers

Android app developers looking to add another amazing feature to their Android apps, can now add Google Street View images. In their latest Google Play Services update (Google Play Services 4.4), Google has added their collection of eye level images of the real world giving apps another way to entice users.  Google Play Services is [...]

Motorola Launches the Moto E, a $129 KitKat Device

On Tuesday, Motorola announced a new phone, the Moto E. While this was not the flagship device - dubbed the Moto X+1 - that had been speculated, this is a major announcement. We will get into the Moto E below, but Motorola made another significant announcement during the press event. The company also announced an [...]

Android Is For Poor People? And That’s Why It Will Win!

Back in April a report using device data aggregated from Twitter told a story that not many wanted to hear. Business Insider and others posulated that the chart proved that Android was for poor people, or rather more people than iPhone is for. Apple has for years, stayed within it's pricing structure basically since the [...]

Big Android BBQ Prepares For 5th Installment

It's hard to believe that the Big Android BBQ is going into it's 5th event. I was one of the original co-founders alongside Aaron Kasten the founder of Android Swag and several other mobile and technology related entities. The Big Android BBQ is the Android developer's version of MacWorld a fan/developer founded event for Mac [...]

Yahoo’s Beautiful News Digest Lands on Android

Yahoo's mobile push is beginning to yield dividends. News Digest is a beautiful, incredibly useful news app.

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Oppo Find 7: 50-MP Photos and a Quad HD Display

Oppo, the Chinese phone maker, just released its first 4G/LTE device, and it looks to be one of the best Android powered phones on the market: the Find 7. Well, actually Oppo is releasing two phones, the Find 7 and the Find 7a. The difference between the 7 and the 7a is only in screen resolution. [...]

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