Ubi – The Always On, Voice Activated Computer

We have been covering an abundance  of crowdfunding campaigns over the past several months, but we just came across an older one that is finally coming to fruition. The image above is the Ubi - The Ubiquitous Computer. The Ubi is an always on, always listening, voice-activated computer: The Ubi plugs into a power outlet and [...]

Oort: The Internet of Everything

There are a ton of smart things out there. The internet of things knows no bounds. The major drawback, however, to the internet of things is the autonomy of each smart device. You have a smart thermostat, fan, and lights, but you need to open a different app for each one. What if there was [...]

And Now The Internet Of Things Has Come To Ceiling Fans

There has been a huge rush on smart things over the past several months. We've seen the smart pillow, a device that makes any AC unit smart, and even a smart power strip over the past quarter. However, we just came across a new product from the awesomely named Big Ass Fans. They are calling [...]

MIT Can Make Your 200 ft2 Apartment 3X Larger

Some people prefer living the smaller life. Others are forced into it by having to live in major cities with major rent. Ikea has been providing furniture designed to optimize those small spaces for years, but now, the students at the MIT Media Lab have come up with a concept that blends technology, apps and [...]

Interview: Steve Chen The Man Behind GemWhere Smart Watch

Meet Steve Chen the man behind the GemWhere Smart Watch, the best smart watch out there today. We've seen a lot of smart watches so far. Most of them are filled with glitzy cool features, but one smartwatch has stood out as a truly functional piece of equipment that you can wear on your wrist. [...]

Shot Stats Challenger Is Like The Wimbledon Of Tennis Tracking Devices

The "Internet of Things" has caused an onslaught of sports related tracking devices over the last three years. The most common of course would be the fitness tracker. Companies like Fitbit and the Nike Fuel Band fueled a movement of like minded fitness tracking devices. Then came balls, golf trackers, baseball bat trackers and even [...]

Sensibo: Make Any A/C Unit Smart

There is no question that the internet of things, or connected home, or whatever you want to call it, has the potential to drastacly change the world. The problem, however, is that of cost. For many of these setups or connected things, the cost is ofetn quite prohibitive. However, we are beginning to see some [...]

The Internet Of Things Has Come To Power Strips

There is no shortage of smart home and internet of things products available. The problem, though, is cost. Company's build out these massive expensive products that require intrusive installation. One company, SensePlug.io, has come up with a cheaper, less intrusive home automation product. This is the SAM. The SAM is an, "Easy and affordable Plug-in [...]

Use Your Gear To Find Paypal Locations & Pay

If you're hip enough to be walking down your city streets with a Samsung Galaxy Gear 2, Gear Neo or even Galaxy Gear, and you have a Paypal account, then you're in for a treat. Paypal is testing a new payment method on their campus that links together Bluetooth low energy beacons and Samsung Galaxy [...]

Postybell Brings New Meaning To The Words “You’ve Got Mail”

"You've Got Mail" is the iconic phrase performed by voice over actor Elwood Edwards in 1989. The phrase was used to let AOL users know that they have new email in their email box. Edwards also performed the trademark "Welcome" that millions of AOL users heard as they signed onto the company's dial up service. [...]