Cadbury’s Very Odd Wearable Tech

Cadbury, yes the chocolate company with the clucking bunnies, has had the most peculiar piece of wearable tech created as part of their Joyville campaign. Now in America we typically think of Cadbury one time a year, and that's Easter time. Of course now that it's January and we're still months away from Easter we're [...]

SmartMio The Wearable That Actually Helps Your Muscles [CES 2014][VIDEO]

Wearable technology has swept the 2014 International CES. We can't begin to tell you how many fitness trackers and monitors we saw. They come in all shapes and sizes from tags to bracelets to smart watches. A lot of them are great, some of them are junk, but such is the lay of the land [...]

We Saw A Sensible Baby At CES 2014 [VIDEO]

The internet of things has made it’s way to new borns. A Boston tech firm called Sensible Baby has released a new sensor/app combination called SmartOne that helps parents with a newborn baby rest easier. Who knows what these parents did before smartphones and sensors were invented. Ben Cooper, the founder of Sensible Baby was [...]

LG Puts Siri In Your Washing Machine CES 2014

We're on the ground at the 2014 International CES bringing you Tech Faster. Monday was press day and we saw a whole lot of new technology. One of the coolest was during LG's press event. LG is in a heated war with their fellow Korean rival Samsung across multiple lines of consumer electronics. On Monday [...]

CES Preview: Fitbug Set To Take Monitoring, Tracking & Coaching To Next Level At CES

Before there was Fitbit, Runkeeper, and the Nike Fuel Band there was Fitbug. In fact they've been helping people track their fitness goals over the last 8 years. At last year's CES the company introduced the new Fitbug Orb.  The orb is one of the smallest accelerometer/activity trackers available today. Unlike other similar devices, the [...]

Gamestop Appeals To The “Gamestop Generation” With New Wearable Offerings

Make no mistake about it, Gamestop is not a 'kids" store. Sure you take your kids in there for the latest and greatest games, but Gamestop, has a generation. It's actually my generation. At a few years shy of 40 I remember spending many a day in my local mall. The day long trip as [...]

The Best Wearable Apps In An Infographic

Last week, Wearable App Review, the first website solely focused on the apps that fuel wearable technology, announced their wearable app annual winners. They compiled the best of the best in all aspects of wearable technology including glasses, watches, fitness bands and other sensors/monitors. If it's wearable and it has an app, they've looked at [...]

Fred Wilson Compares Google Glass To Apple’s Newton, But That May Not Be A Bad Thing

(image: LeWeb) Do you remember the Apple Newton, well we do, but only mildly. The Apple Newton was a PDA device that will forever live on in history as one of Apple's biggest failures, and yes it's possible for Apple to have failures.  The Apple Newton ranks up there with the Lisa, the [...]

The Next Generation Of SmartWatch Is Just Around The Corner

Aside from the Samsung Galaxy Gear, which needs to be paired with one of Samsung's high end smartphones, most of the smart watches today are limited in their functionality. Pebble, the most popular smart watch to data, does notifications extremely well and has a spattering of games and other apps. Most of the other smart [...]

Holiday Gift Guide: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 & Galaxy Gear, A Match Sent In Heaven

If you're a hardcore road warrior, and who isn't these days, and you've been looking to consolidate your tablet and phone experience than a "phablet" is definitely for you. These days there are a lot of "phablets" on the market to choose from, but one manufacturer gets it right every time. Samsung, is now in [...]