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Android Is The King Of Porn And More Revealed By Porn Hub

By |Editors' Picks, Mobile, News|

Pornhub is back with an important report chock full of information on viewing habits for those partaking in adult oriented material both via mobile and desktop. dove into the report Sunday, most of the data wasn't too surprising. On the mobile side Android has a solid footing with 50% of the mobile viewing of [...]

GiftAir: A Personal Air Cleaning Device

By |Crowdfunding|

We have covered a ton of awesome crowdfunding projects over the past couple years. Most are pretty tame. That is to say that most provide an update to an existing product, or provide a more efficient way to do something. However, there is a rare breed of projects that are completely revolutionary in scope and [...]

Fast Food’s About To Get Even Faster, At Least From McDonalds

By |Apps|

McDonalds Order App McDonalds has always prided themselves on how fast they can serve you two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun along with an order of fries and a drink. McDonalds restaurants that stay on their toes can usually get that to the customer from order [...]

AlvinHR: Optimize Your Workforce

By |Editors' Picks, Interviews|

  There is a whole lot of change and rollover at large companies. An employee is hired to do one job, but that position may change drastically within the span of years, months, or even days. This change and transformation of a position may be good, or it may be horrible. Most of the time, [...]