Android Users, Opera Just Unveiled A Data & Money Saving Tool, Opera Max

There's already a plethora of good mobile browsers out there, even more if you're an Android user. Mobile users who have been using the Opera browser already know that the easy to use browser is saving precious data along with the money needed to pay for data, for any user. Opera's browser renders non-secure websites [...]

Google/LG Smartwatch Coming in June

As wearables, smartwatches in particular, are exploding - especially on the ground at Mobile World Congress - it seems as if one of the major players will be waiting to launch. According to CNET, we will have to wait until Google I/O in June to see the long awaited LG/Google smartwatch.

LG Unveils G2 Mini At Mobile World Congress [MWC]

If you're a smartphone lover than this week is going to be like Christmas in February for you. On the ground in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress all of the manufacturers are keying up their 2014 handsets that we should all be talking about in the coming months. While all manufacturers love to have a [...]

Huawei Unveils 5 New 4G LTE Devices At Mobile World Congress

Huawei, like many other key manufacturers, weren't waiting for tomorrow mornings official kickoff of Mobile World Congress to make a big splash. At their press conference today in Barcelona the Chinese manufacturing giant unveiled 5 new 4G LTE connected devices. The devices include a new connected watch/ fitness tracker, a new MiFi that they are billing as [...]

Samsung Kicks Off MWC With 2 Gear 2 Smart Watches

The Techfaster team is on the ground in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress and kicking it off for some highly anticipated news from Samsung . While we haven't quite gotten to the re-up of the Galaxy S smartphone, we did get some wearable news. Samsung introduced not one but two new smart watches this afternoon, the [...]

Tizen & Streaming Music: Beginning of the End for Samsung/Google Partnership

It would appear that the Google/Samsung partnership may be in its last leg. As Samsung is beginning to inch away from Google, it appears as if the Seoul company has designs on a direct challenge to Google, beginning with Milk Music. This is certainly shaping up to be a very interesting MWC.

We’re Headed To MWC And Bringing Some Great Companies With Us.

We'll be leaving for Barcelona later on this weekend to take part in Mobile World Congress, the largest mobile, and wireless conference in the world. Hundreds of thousands of buyers, reporters, technology gurus, wireless sales people and decision makers will be in attendance to see the latest that wireless hardware manufacturers, OEM vendors and even [...]

Microsoft to be Quiet at MWC, But Huge Announcements are on Horizon

As upwards of dozens of new Android devices will be announced at MWC, it is hard to believe that Microsoft will be mum. In-fact, the whole of the Microsoft presence - at least officially - in Barcelona is expected to consist of vague, forward looking statements. That said, look for Windows Phone 8.1 at Build 2014.

Wait What? Idaho Chamber Of Commerce Sending Five Companies To Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress kicks off next week in Barcelona and Techfaster will be bringing you MWC, Faster through, Twitter, YouTube and the Let's App. Every year at Mobile World Congress we see the latest in mobile and wireless innovation. MWC is the largest trade show in the world dedicated to the wireless and mobile space. [...]

MWC Preview: NICE’s Mobile Engage Solution Solves Major Customer Service Headaches For Real People

Over the past two weeks I've personally been trying to solve a major customer service issue with the team at AT&T's U-Verse. Despite the fact that they, like many others, hope to have one call resolution, we were on our 8th call yesterday afternoon and the issue still isn't fixed. While that is frustrating enough [...]