Sony Takes the Quantified Self Beyond Fitness With New Wearable Camera

It has been quite an MWC for Sony thus far. The Japanese company announced a partnership with Garmin, they announced a new phone, and they announced a new line of products focused around the company's new Lifelog application. This new line of products has been dubbed SmartWear, and includes a SmartBand tracker and the Lifelog wearable camera. Lifelog [...]

Samsung Announces 3rd Watch: Gear Fit

Among the topics covered during Samsung's Unpacked event from Mobile World Congress was the newest iterations of the Galaxy Gear devices. We already told you a little bit about the new Gear 2 and the Gear Mio, but the Gear Fit was officially announced at Unpacked. The Gear Fit is a major step for Samsung, and smartwatches in general.

Yota Devices Unveils 2nd Generation of Dual Screen YotaPhone [MWC]

Late last year, we told you a little bit about the YotaPhone from the Russian company, Yota Devices. This year, at Mobile World Congress, the company revealed the second generation of the YotaPhone

iHeartRadio Makes It’s Way To The Wrist On The Samsung Gear 2 [MWC]

Clear Channel Media & Entertainment is huge in the United States, so you don't often think about them appearing a tradeshows internationally. So on the ground at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona we found it a bit odd, but comforting to a degree, to see IHEARTRADIO as part of the announcements coming from the biggest [...]

HTC Releases Desire 816 Phablet At MWC

HTC has caught the phabet bug. The phablet, made popular by the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Note and the Asus PadPhone, is a device that has a place between a traditional smartphone and a tablet. They are designed to fit the prosumer that is looking for one device to do all things. Phablets have [...]

Nokia Announces 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Android Devices

On Monday in Barcelona at MWC, Nokia announced its first three Android supported smartphones. They are the Nokia X+, the Nokia XL, and the Nokia X (above, respectively). These are not even in the same zip code as the high-end Galaxy S5 we saw earlier. That said, it is sizable first step for Nokia, who has focused on Windows Phones thus far.

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Mastercard Says To Hell With Third Parties, Unveils Their Own In App Payment Solution At MWCwil

Many have known this time was coming for months. Analysts have been saying it over and over again. At some point, the credit card issuers are going to get tired of cutting in third party vendors to their part of the credit card pie. The way to eliminate these third party vendors is for the [...]

Samsung Reveals The Galaxy S5 at MWC

Today, to noticeable excitement and anticipation on the ground at MWC, Samsung announced and showed off the new Galaxy S5 Smartphone. After months of speculation, the device was launched, in usual Samsung fashion, extravagantly.

Live stream of Galaxy S5 Unpacked MWC Event

Today, at 2 PM EST, Samsung will be unveiling, among other things, the new Galaxy S5 smartphone. Below is a live stream of the event:

Firefox OS Set To Expand to New, More Capable Phones

Mozilla, the non-profit behind Firefox and Thunderbird, just announced at MWC that the next wave of Firefox OS devices will be much, much better overall, and have comparable features to high-end Android devices and iPhones.

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