One Spark 2014

From April 9 – 13, we will be in sunny Jacksonville, FL to bring you coverage of the second annual One Spark Crowdfunding Festival. This year look bigger and better, and there is more than $3.25M up for grabs.

If you are attending and think we should feature your project, feel free to drop us a line Or give us a shout on Twitter

CultureHUB: A New Media Experience, Empowering All Creators [One Spark Preview]

"CultureHUB is a new media experience and technology for artist, filmmakers, musicians, entrepreneurs, photographers, authors, and creators of every kind. Users are able to discover, educate, store & share, monetize, and even order on demand manufacturing for their projects from within a simple and easy to use interface. "

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One Spark Preview: What to Expect This Year

With One Spark beginning next Wednesday, now seems an appropriate time to do a quick rundown of all the creator projects that we are looking forward to seeing.

Join The Effort, A Philanthropic Social Network Goes Mobile [One Spark]

Ryan Whitman created Join The Effort, a Jacksonville non-profit in 2011. The initial idea was to create a platform of sorts that helped recruit and encourage people to volunteer at various events, causes and other non-profits across Jacksonville. As an example, Join The Effort partnered with last year's OneSpark winner Re-Threaded. In that effort, a [...]

uConnectHome Will Help You Learn Who Are The People In Your Neighborhood [OneSpark Preview]

It doesn't matter if you moved into a new subdivision, apartment complex, or town home community, getting to know your neighbors can be a daunting and intimidating task. People can go years if not decades and never know that person that lives across the street, down the hall or even right underneath them. It happens [...]

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ClassWrites, Educational Workflow With A Charitable Twist [OneSpark Preview]

Over the past year we've seen quite a bit of great educational technology. From our coverage of FETC, TECA and SXSWedu we've seen a lot of systems that help teachers manage students, assignments, grades and more. Diane Bixler, an educator for nearly two decades, has developed a new workflow management system for educators, with a [...]

Build-A-Bear Meets Kinko’s For 3D Printing At Swarupa Studios

If I'm correct, 3D printing shops are going to be as common place as your neighborhood Kinko's before too long. There are companies already paving the way like Jacksonville's Forge and Swarupa Studios. Swarupa Studios is hoping to gain attention for their bricks and mortar 3D Printing business at OneSpark next week. The idea behind [...]

Nerdular: Content & Commerce Platform For Nerds [One Spark Preview]

At last years One Spark, we had a chance to speak with the Nerdular Crew. They have built a really unique "Social Marketplace for geeks, fanboys, fangirlsl & creatives."

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Follow Friday: One Spark 2014 Creators

One Spark 2014 is just days away! We are getting pretty pumped. As you have probably noticed, we have been profiling One Spark Creators over the past couple of weeks. So, as its Friday, we thought a #FF for One Spark Creators was appropriate.

Chat with LunchTable [One Spark Preview]

Matt Baer is a software engineer and entrepreneur and his goal is to make communication easier. Enter LunchTable, an android based chat app that he started working on during his college days at Radford University. The story behind the name of his app is a relatively simple one: In college I developed a group communication [...]

SNAPprints: Collaborative Event Photo Albums [One Spark Preview]

If you are hosting an event, SNAPprints allows you to "sign up on the website as the event host, write a short description, choose the maximum number of images someone can upload, set a time limit, and that's it!"

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