Google Glass Promoted From Google X, to Halt Explorer Program

On Monday, January 19, Google officially ended its Google Glass Explorers program, and halted sales of the $1500 eye-ware. This is not the end of Google Glass, however, just the end of Glass as we know it right now. The end of the Explorers program comes as Google graduates the Glass program from Google X labs. [...]

Sony to Release Google Glass Competitor at CES

Sony just announced one of the products it will be showing off at the upcoming 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, and it is pretty surprising. Sony has made a bet on a Google Glass type wearable. But Sony's device has a little twist, it clips on to existing eye-ware. This is Sony's Single-Lens Display Module: The clip [...]

Google Glass Didn’t Even Sit At The Kids Table [Google I/O]

Google's world wide developer event, Google I/O kicked off on Wednesday morning at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Our very own Ashley Allen covered most of the three hour keynote in summary earlier today. This is our fifth year at Google I/O and it seems to get better and better. Google has really come [...]

Google Hopes This Woman Will Make Google Glass Cool

Since first announced over two years ago at Google's annual Google I/O developer conference, the world has been waiting (or at least Google hopes the world has been waiting) for a mainstream launch of the wearable eye wear known as Google Glass. At that Google I/O conference Google was showing off Google Glass and unlike [...]

Samsung to Release “Gear Glass” at IFA in September

According to several reports, Samsung will be rolling out a Google Glass-like device in September of this year. Business Korea cites an unnamed Samsung sources as nothing that the device, dubbed "Gear Glass," will be ready in time for IFA 2014, Sept. 5-10, in Berlin, Germany. According to the report, "Gear Glass," will be much more than a [...]

Google Glass in Education

There are an almost infinite amount of practical applications for Google Glass in the classroom. Those educators who already have Glass are doing some remarkable things. The implications of Google Glass for education are pretty spectacular, and this will be a very interesting topic to follow as it evolves.

Google Glass, In The Class (room)

As a follow up to our article on Google Glass in the Classroom, we thought it would be good to expound on some of the possible educational uses of Glass. Below, in a nifty infographic, 30 different ideas for how to use Glass in a classroom are touched on. While these are some great ideas, they represent a mere tip of the iceberg. As we touched on in our previous article, there are an almost infinite amount of applications for Google Glass in the classroom.

By 2019, 90% of Cars Will Have Wearable Computer Integration

After a series of rapid-fire announcements, it appears that automakers are becoming more focused on wearable integration. As the infotainment battle rages on, the auto makers are bringing it to your faces and wrists.According to ABI Research, by 2019, more than 90% of new vehicles will interface with wearable computers.

Google All Access Members Now Have Access To Google Glass

We didn't see a nationwide roll out of Google's flagship smart eyewear, Google Glass. However in the 11th hour, Google did release invitations to their Google Glass Explorer program to their Google Play Music All Access subscribers. Now for just $1500 those Google customers who were early adopters of the music program can purchase Google [...]

Video: Microsoft Glass

Google Glass is the first wearable computing device that puts the power of Android right in front of your eyes. Many tech pundits, including New York venture capitalist Fred Wilson, thinks that Google Glass may be a little bit ahead of itself. Wilson recently compared it to the Apple Newton, while on stage at the [...]