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Big Android BBQ Prepares For 5th Installment

By |Android, Editors' Picks, Events|

It's hard to believe that the Big Android BBQ is going into it's 5th event. I was one of the original co-founders alongside Aaron Kasten the founder of Android Swag and several other mobile and technology related entities. The Big Android BBQ is the Android developer's version of MacWorld a fan/developer founded event for Mac [...]

Is Titan Aerospace The Next Phase Of Project Loon?

By |Editors' Picks, Google|

The internet was abuzz Monday with news that Google had doubled down on robotics, specifically in the drone variety. Google acquired Titan Aerospace, a company that makes solar powered drones that can fly 65,000 feet above sea level without needing to land, reports TechCrunch.  The company was reportedly in talks to be acquired by Facebook [...]

Google’s Largest and Most Recent Acquisitions: Speculation Ensues

By |Editors' Picks, Google|

Google's acquisition of DeepMind got us thinking - speculating is actually more appropriate - about the company's past acquisitions, and what they might be building towards...Google is becoming more active in robotics and AI. What this means exactly, however, is hard to say. It will be an interesting few years.

FitnessSHIRT and The Genesis of Smart Clothing

By |Gadgets & Tech, Health|

We have smartphones, smart watches, Google Glass, Fitbits, but the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS wants to usher in the next wave of smart products as early as next year. The Fraunhofer Institute's FitnessSHIRT measures and tracks vital signs and physiological signals

Apple Releasing Android Features Is Nothing New

By |Android, Apple, Editors' Picks, Google|

Apple's CEO, and the most influential Auburn University alum in the world, Tim Cook, took to the stage on Monday morning to kick off the World Wide Developers Conference. The WWDC, now in it's 25th year is an annual gathering of developers working on Apple platforms. Cook was quick to point out that the first [...]

Minecraft EDU Is Minecraft For The Classroom [sxsw]

By |Editors' Picks, Education, SXSW|

Carol Jackson has been teaching seventh and eighth graders outside of Chicago for nearly 20 years. Over the last two years she's started to hear a lot about a Minecraft from her students. "We had a halloween party and a bunch of my students came dressed with boxes on their heads" she told us at [...]

GDC About To Embark On First Ever App Developer’s Conference

By |Apps, Developers, Events|

If you're hardcore into tech and gaming or a game developer than you are more than familiar with GDC or the Game Developer's Conference. Unlike conventions like E3 GDC brings the best game developers from across the country and around the world together to share ideas, hear great speakers, learn and see the next generation [...]

Crescerance: Helping Schools go Mobile

By |Editors' Picks, Education|

    There is no question about the importance of mobile. That said, there is a question about mobile within an education setting. For the great majority of schools and school districts, it is just not feasible to commission a mobile app. However, we just came across a company that dramatically reduces costs, and makes is [...]