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Samsung Taking On Google With Smart Glasses?

By |Editors' Picks, Gadgets & Tech|

Google has done an amazing job of hyping up Google Glass and they should, they've had plenty of time to do it. Google unveiled their wearable glass product at their Google I/O developer conference in May of 2012 (yes a year and a half ago), then at this past years Google I/O conference Google's earliest [...]

People Are Talking About Wearable Tech [INFOGRAPHIC]

By |Editors' Picks, Infographics, Wearable Technology|

Wearable Tech Infographic Saying that wearable tech has exploded could be the understatement of the year. Just search the pages of any technology blog, like, and you'll find more and more stories about wearable technologies. From Google Glass, to Fit Bit, to the latest piece of wearable technology making the crowdfunding circuit, the world [...]

Smart Watches And Luxury Cars [Pebble][Samsung][BMW][Mercedes]

By |Automotive, CES 2014, Editors' Picks, Gadgets & Tech, Samsung, smart watch|

The International CES is where partnerships are formed. Some are odd, some are exciting and some make sense. Two partnerships announced this week in Las Vegas fit all three categories. First, BMW was showing off their new i3 electric car. The car is a little larger than there Mini Coopers and features connected, wireless electric [...]

The Best Wearable Apps In An Infographic

By |Apps, Editors' Picks, Infographics, Internet Of Things|

Last week, Wearable App Review, the first website solely focused on the apps that fuel wearable technology, announced their wearable app annual winners. They compiled the best of the best in all aspects of wearable technology including glasses, watches, fitness bands and other sensors/monitors. If it's wearable and it has an app, they've looked at [...]

Wearable Technology In The Classroom [Infographic]

By |Editors' Picks, Education, Infographics, Internet Of Things, Wearable Technology|

Wearable technology is taking over our world. Computers are getting smaller,sensors are getting better and byte sized computers are becoming the norm. Over the last two years wearable technology and the internet of things have taken over. We're seeing fitness trackers on anyone looking to lose a little weight, prepare for a marathon or train [...]

Google Backs Glasses That Will Help The Blind See

By |Editors' Picks, Google|

(photo: RNIB via TechRadar) You may find it odd with Google's Google Glass experiment in such disarray, that the company would back any other kind of eyeglass technology. Well such is the case as part of Google's, Google Impact Challenge UK Techradar reported on Friday that as part of it's worldwide Impact Challenge [...]

The INMOTION SCV R1EX, The Coolest Thing We Saw At CES 2014 [VIDEO]

By |CES 2014, Editors' Picks, Gadgets & Tech|

It's probably safe to say that when Dean Kamen created the Segway he hadn't planned on it becoming the mall security vehicle of choice. I'm sure he wasn't planning on his core audience being 30 and 40 somethings with fanny packs, whisking their way through a guided tour of the monuments in Washington DC. No [...]

The Internet Of Things Heats Up With Google’s $3.2 Billion Dollar Purchase Of Nest

By |Editors' Picks, Google|

If seeing hundreds of exhibitors at the 2014 International CES wasn't credit enough to the movement called "the internet of things" than maybe Google's $3.2 billion dollar purchase of Nest Labs is. Google announced on Monday that they acquired Nest Labs and their team led by Tony Faddell and Matt Rogers. Nest Labs created the [...]

Samsung Working On A 12.2″ Android Tablet?

By |Editors' Picks, Gadgets & Tech, Mobile|

Rumors were wild and rampant this summer that when Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage at this past September's iPad event he would unveil a new 13" iPad. We all know that didn't happen, but many tech enthusiasts were hoping that it would. Many tablet users believe that a tablet between 12 and 13" [...]

HoloLens: Microsoft’s New Holographic Head-Set

By |Editors' Picks, Microsoft|

On Wednesday, Microsoft announced a new product, and essentially, a whole new product segment: Microsoft HoloLens. The HoloLens is a head-set that is powered by Windows 10. Though it has the look of a Google Glass Oculus Rift hybrid, the HoloLens is a completely different sort of machine: It is, perhaps, easier to describe the new [...]

Oculus Rift App Wins TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon

By |Apps, Editors' Picks, TechCrunch Disrupt New York 2014, Virtual Realit/AR|

We're on the ground in New York City for TechCrunch Disrupt NY. Year after year TechCrunch Disrupt is one of the best events that we've covered. Disrupt connects apps, startups, and investors in three days (+2 for the hackathon) that are intense, and full of knowledge. The first part of Disrupt is the hackathon which [...]

Epson Combines Smart Glasses with Myo Armband for ‘Minority Report’ Effect

By |Editors' Picks, Wearable Technology|

By combining both the Moverio BT-200 and the Myo armband, some incredible possibilities emerge. The release likened the combination to the film "Minority Report," which seems about right

Android SDK For Wearables Coming In Two Weeks [sxsw]

By |Android, Editors' Picks, Google, SXSW, Wearable Technology|

Google's Sr Vice President of Android and Chrome, Sundar Pichai took to the stage at SXSW on Sunday afternoon as part of SXSW's Featured Sessions. The session, entitled "Sundar Pichai, conversation with John Batelle", was a fireside chat style session focusing on two of the fastest growing open platforms in the world, Android and Chrome. [...]

Apple To Break Into The Connected Car With Ferrari, Mercedes Benz And Volvo

By |Apple, Editors' Picks|

There've been rumblings about Apple possibly introducing an in-car or connected car system over the past few years. However, there have been a lot of products rumored to be coming down the pipeline for Apple as well. A new Apple TV, that's integrated into an actual TV, the iWatch and even a competitor to Google [...]

Google Most Talked About Company Of 2013

By |Apple, Editors' Picks, Google|

Google was in the news a lot in 2013. From Google Glass to self driving cars, to their forthcoming Google Gem watch everywhere you turned there was something Google-y being reported on. Google also saw a huge spike when the Edward Snowden/NSA stories started breaking. Google also saw a monumental decision concerning Google Books and [...]

New Apple patent points to Oculus Rift style 3D headset

By |Apple, Editors' Picks, Everything Else|

While many have speculated that Apple was going to be entering the wearable space with an iWatch a new patent shows that Apple may be working on a 3D style headset similar to the Oculus Rift. The patent describes the device as personal display system for viewing content such as movies or TV shows on the [...]

New Smart-Ring Takes Wearable Computing off of The Wrist

By |Crowdfunding, Gadgets & Tech|

As wearable devices like the Pebble Watch, Galaxy Gear, FitBit, and Google Glass are exploding in popularity, the recently funded Smarty Ring Indiegogo campaign wants to move wearables to your finger.

Pop Secret Brings The Scent Of Smell To The iPhone

By |Apps, Editors' Picks|

Mobile app developers are finding more and more ways to become one with the user. Some mobile apps are using wearable technology like Google Glass and wrist wearables to stimulate users in ways that we couldn't imagine just a few short years ago. By putting vibrators in to smart watches and fitness monitors, game and [...]

Google adds a Voice Search extension to Google Chrome

By |Editors' Picks, Google|

As though navigating to Google's home page and then typing out what you were looking for was a terribly difficult task, Google has gone ahead and made it even easier to use. Google has added the "OK, Google" hotword detection to their own Chrome browser via a very easy and free extension. Currently Google offers [...]

Google’s Opening Up Holiday Pop Up Shops Complete With Snow Globes

By |Google|

Google loves to go all out on location. Throughout my tech writing career of experienced an Android slide in Barcelona, an amazing Google blogger lounge at the 2012 Democratic National Convention, a takeover of an entire street at SXSW 2012 and  several Google conference parties with robots, sphero balls, crazy photo booths and of course [...]